"Dominicans are called by the Spirit to be faithful to the prophetic mission of Jesus by the integrity of our lives, and to proclaim the Truth fearlessly and confidently, as Dominic did."

From Mission Statement Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia


Contemplation and study of the Word reveal this Truth to us in Scripture and Tradition and it is further developed in the people, events and circumstances of our human society.

Empowered by the gifts of the spirit, alert to the signs of the times and working for Gospel values, we seek to preach truth, defend freedom and promote justice.

The Dominican Charism is often described in terms of the Four Pillars:




Personal and community prayer are central to Dominican Life.  The Word of God is our focus. An important Dominican motto is "To contemplate and share the fruits of our contemplation".



Veritas (Truth), a significant motto, encourages us to be truth seekers in our times through scriptural, theological and secular study.


Community Life

“The Kingdom of God is here and now”. Our Gospel living is encouraged and supported by those with whom we share our lives.


Ministry and Service

Inspired by our prayer, in touch with reality through our study and supported by community, we respond to the needs of our time, each according to ability and circumstance.




We are sent on mission
because of our deep experience of God.
We are not sent because of our resumes,
our credentials, our experience,
or our careers.
Mission is about reconciliation,
crying out for justice,
standing with the powerless
in word and witness.
        Ann Willits OP