The Ascension of the Lord - 28th May, 2017

Liturgical Reflection


I am With You

“Go … make disciples of all the nations”. With somewhat perfect rear vision available to us through historical records and artefacts, it seems to me that we might have made a bit of a mess here.

Some success is evident but there are more than a few examples where we Christians could have done better. Taking more than a thousand years to accomplish, and after some early setbacks, the evangelisation of Europe and its peoples could be counted as a success. Perhaps this accomplishment made us a little cock-sure. God was obviously on ‘our side’. Maybe we thought we had the right to maim and murder others in His name - how horrendous. I still cringe a little when I read on war memorials ‘Thanks be to God for giving us the victory.’

Is this what the Lord wanted? His ways are not our ways, we have that on good authority, so who knows? The Old Testament is a litany of ‘smash and smite’ Jesus introduced a new way of doing things. He gave us a new commandment


and in a following clause of today’s
Gospel he sends us out to “teach
them to observe all the commands
I gave you”. And we know the
greatest one of these commands
was to Love. It all makes you wonder
how we got it so wrong.

We ‘spiritually certain’ have a lot to answer for.

Love is eternal. It will outlast Faith and Hope. Love that does the ‘hard yards’, that is there for the crying baby at 3am and the sick, dying demented friend or stranger. This Love that grows to inhabit any space where it is needed as it transcends feelings and knowledge to become a nurturing wholeness.

This Love is God and is with us and will be ‘always: yes, to the end of time.’

Possibly this was the mistake we were making all along.

Note to self – use ‘Love’ not force.

Judith Croke
Mona Vale