The Most Holy Trinity - 11th June, 2017

Liturgical Reflection

God gave His Only Son

In John’s gospel today, we are told that Jesus said to Nicodemus that ‘God gave us His Only Son.’


We customarily accept that God in this instance is the Father. It is difficult to accept that whenever we say God, we are talking about all three persons.

This is the great Mystery of the Trinity.

St Augustine of Hippo best explained the difficulty in understanding the Mystery of the Trinity when watching a child with a scallop shell trying to put the ocean into a hole on the beach. Augustine approached him about the futility of his efforts, to which the child replied, ‘My efforts are just as insurmountable as you trying to understand the Mystery of the Trinity.’

St Patrick is said to have cleverly illustrated the ‘three in one concept’ with the shamrock which has three sections in one leaf.

‘If we can accept that a father, mother and children combined make one family, we can start to relate in a simple way to the Trinity.’

The love between a father and a son is so strong, binding and beautiful that only God could have given us this wonderful gift.

For a father to lose a son is so heartbreaking, that fathers put it out of their minds, as the horror of it happening is too great to comprehend.

How much then, must God love us, to have His Son maltreated in the most inhumane way, a method of barbaric torture that no human could endure.

Whenever we are going through a tough time, just think of God the Father’s anguish, the presence of God the Holy Spirit during the passion and death of Christ; all three persons in one divine being.

Today, let us thank God, the Holy Trinity, for all creation and especially try to appreciate the enormity of God’s love.

We may not be able to understand the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, but we can start to imagine the love of God the Father for God the Son in union with the Holy Spirit.

St Thomas Aquinas Chapter