27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - 8th October, 2017

Liturgical Reflection

Isaiah 5: 1-7; Philippians 4: 6-9; Matthew 21: 33-43.

The readings over the past few Sundays have featured vineyards. Today’s readings tell us about God, the Beloved One, and the love God has for all of creation. We are shown a mixture of love and sadness – love given and not returned – yet in the end, God’s love wins out.

Isaiah begins by saying this is ‘a love song for my Beloved concerning his vineyard’...but ends sadly – the vineyard produces rotten grapes and the Beloved lets it go. ‘He looked for justice but behold, bloodshed’.


In Matthew’s gospel, the wording echoes Isaiah’s parable about the care the householder-owner puts into the vineyard. There is a change: he hands the care of his creation over to tenants. When he sends his trusted servants to collect the harvest, the tenants mistreat them and kill some, so he decides to send his son, ‘They will respect my son’. We know the ending – they don’t.

However, as Matthew’s readers knew, the rejected ‘only Son’ came back to become ‘the corner stone’ of a new creation, ‘a marvel in our eyes’.

Where are we today?

As we Dominican sisters prepare for a Chapter, we know it is a time when we reflect on our care of the vineyard God has entrusted to us. Where is our harvest? How have we listened to the voices of the ones sent to remind us to care for God’s creation, to love God’s people as God loves them?

In families, in work places, each of us works ‘in a vineyard’. We can expect to re-live the anxieties and the joys that Christian communities have lived through, down the ages in many countries and cultures. As long as the Son of God, the Beloved is our corner stone, we shall have peace of heart and mind in the midst of troubles.

Love songs from God are being sung in our vineyards. May we harmonise with God’s songs.

Rose Mary Kinne op