2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - 14th January, 2018

Liturgical Reflection

1 Samuel 3:3-10, 19; John 1:35-42

The story in 1 Samuel of the call of the little boy, Samuel, is a very touching one.   For those who have experienced God’s call, and possibly resisted it initially, the innocence of Samuel and his complete lack of resistance can prompt us to renew the acceptance of our call and to undertake a more generous application of it in our lives – “Here I am, since you called me.”


In the Gospel, we find inspiration, too, in John the Baptist’s readiness to send his disciples to follow Jesus.  No doubt he had prepared them for the coming of the Messiah, the Lamb of God, and their readiness to follow him is also an example to us.

Though not mentioned here, the father of Andrew and Peter is another inspirational character.  One cannot but feel sad for him when his two sons go off to follow Jesus, leaving him alone, as far as we know.

So there plenty of inspiration to be found in today’s readings.   Do we hear Jesus say to us, “What do you want?” and do we give the answer, “Rabbi, where do you live?”

Sr Helen Ryan OP