Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

4 April 2017 | General Interest

Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese,
31 March 2017

On Tuesday, 28 March, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP appeared before a NSW Legislative Council Select Committee looking in to human trafficking.

The inquiry was tasked with inquiring into and reporting on human trafficking in NSW, including its prevalence and practical measures which might be put into place in NSW which would address human trafficking.

In his testimony before the Select Committee, Archbishop Fisher addressed the practical measures which might be put into place, not only at a governmental level, but also within the Archdiocese of Sydney itself.

The NSW Select committee was very appreciative of the nine proposed measures and affirmed a willingness to become involved with some of these on a State level.

Several members of the Dominican Family were present at the hearing.

A video clip of the archbishop’s presentation is available, together with the transcript of his presentation.