Blessing of the new Church at Wagina

17 April 2017 | General Interest

The new church is located where the Sister's house is on top of the hill. The building of the Church began in 2014 and was blessed on 19th March 2017. It was a great blessing and joyful day for the parish in Wagina.


The people were really thankful to God for the great effort of the Parish Priest, Fr Stanislaus, Br Juvitar and the Sisters who worked closely with the people to complete their Church. It is truly very beautiful.

The Bishop congratulated the people and their leaders for this great achievement of working together, The people were especially grateful to Br Juvitar from Burma who did the arts and all the furniture of the Church. A very artistic man. The day after the opening, the people farewelled Br Juvitar who was returning home. It was sad to say goodbye to Juvitar and for him to leave the people in Wagina after two years.

People had  come from Honiara and Gizo to attend the opening. The liturgy was well prepared by the liturgy committee. After the blessings, celebration and feasting continued until 5pm. What a joyful day?


The following day, more than thirty candidates received the sacrament of confirmation from Bishop Adrian Smith SM.