Month for Peace

29 November 2017 | General Interest

A month for Peace from Advent to 1st January, 2018. Can we be part of this Project for Peace: by prayer, preaching and practical help?

Fr Bruno Cadore op, Sr Cecille Espenilla op and Fr Mike Deeb op ask us to focus on a common Dominican project each Advent. In 2017, it is to be the Dominican Family in Colombia and the recent Peace Accord. 

Why are Dominicans praying for Colombia especially this Advent?

It is a country in the north-west of South America where civil wars over the past 52 years have caused 7,000,000 people to flee their homes; 200,000 have been killed and 60,000 are missing. Pope Francis visited Colombia in September to support ‘a stable and lasting peace, so that we see and treat each other as brothers and sisters and not as enemies’. He visited Bogota and Medellin.

Colombia: From war to Peace

Stories of the Massacred and Disappeared.

Disruption to Education.

Disruption to Agriculture.

Do not Forget.

Many Colombians expressed optimism that the Peace Accord will bring a lasting change. Their concern is that the 'Elite' would see it necessary to have opression and punishment of rebels.

More details before Advent begins: watch this space!