Dominican Pilgrims

10 April 2018 | General Interest

Seventeen pilgrims, including staff from Dominican schools, two sisters from the Solomon islands and  members of the wider Dominican family are currently on Pilgrimage to the Lands of Dominic.

The pilgrims have visited sites in Spain, where Dominic was born, baptised and received his early education. They then travel on to France where Dominic spent much time in ministry and from where in 1216, he was invited by the Pope to establish the Order of Preachers.



After this they head for Italy, where Dominic ministered and died. Highlights in Italy include Siena, where they connect to the life of the great Dominican Doctor of the Church, Catherine of Siena, and in Florence where they come to appreciate the artistic work of Fra Angelico.

Whilst in Rome, they will attend an audience with Pope Francis and visit the historical Dominican sites of San Sisto, San Clemente and the International Dominican headquarters at the basilica of Santa Sabina. Returning to Australia at the end of April.