Child Protection Sunday

9 September 2018 | General Interest

In 2018 the Australian Catholic Church marks Child Safeguarding Sunday on 9 September. That Sunday concludes National Child Protection Week.

When the Australian Prime Minister offers the response of the Commonwealth Government in Parliament on 22 October we pray it may bring a further sense of how we, both as a Church and as a Nation have faced the terrible truth that we failed our children, but also as a church and as a nation we have now embarked on a new path.

  • We pray for Pope Francis and for the Bishops who guide our Church. May they ensure that in the Church children are respected, that they can speak and be heard, and so grow into trusting and faithful adults.
  • We pray in sorrow for the people whose lives have been maimed by representatives of the Catholic Church. May they be touched by Christ, and be freed to live full and happy lives. From the Church, may they find justice and love.
  • We pray for the parish community in which our children are nurtured. May we treasure our children, be vigilant and fearless in protecting them from harm, and live as a community in which all may speak boldly.
  • We pray for the parents, teachers, administrators and other adults, who are responsible for keeping our church safe for children. 
  • We pray for our Church spread throughout the world. In it may the voices of children be heard. May the eyes of all be opened to see the harm that children have suffered, their ears opened to listen to them, and their hearts opened to welcome and protect them.
  • We pray for our children. May they be safe in families, schools and church, and have a voice that is heard. May they grow into faithful and loving adults who know that they are deeply loved.