Feast of all Dominican Saints

7 November 2018 | General Interest


Sr Thoma Swanson OP (Columbus)

Most Dominicans have heard at some point in their lives that the Dominican Order is not only a good Order to live in, but also a great Order to die in. From its beginnings the Order has had a strong tradition of praying for those who have died, as well as calling on the intercession of the saints, canonized and otherwise, who walked ahead of us.

This tradition has a firm foundation based as it is on St Dominic’s promise to be of more use to us in heaven than on earth. ‘Fulfil O Father what you have promised and help us by your prayers.’

Dominicans have so many ways to honour those who have gone before us

As well as immediate care for those who are dying and go on to heaven, we remember anniversaries of brothers and sisters annually. Parents of Dominican Family members are prayed for on 7 February, and all deceased friends and benefactors are remembered on 5 September. And of course all deceased members of the Dominican Family are celebrated on All Dominican Saints Day, 7 November, and the holy souls on All Dominican Souls Day on 8 November.

We remember with love and respect all those spirit-filled men and women who poured out the wine of their lives, their dreams, their prayers, their struggles, to show us a way forward. We take time in November to remember these and all the men and women whose lives were stirred and transformed by a faith in what they could not see; those who became bearers of hope, healing, justice and peace for us and for our world – sometimes without even knowing it. We hold them in our hearts, remember their stories and invoke the Spirit who stirred their lives to stir ours as well. May God meet us on all the paths of our remembering and lead us to the lands of restoration. Amen.