Climate Change Affecting the Pacific

5 November 2018 | General Interest





On Thursday 25 October Mr Anote Tong, former president of Kiribas and a leading advocate on climate change, addressed a meeting hosted byPacific Calling Partners (PCP) at Glebe.

PCP, consisting of representatives of Australian religious congregations who have personnel in the Pacific, strives to give voice to climate change issues affecting our ‘drowning’ neighbours.'  Representatives of the Dominican Justice & Peace groups attended this gathering, along with sisters from the Solomon Islands.



Mr Tong was adamant that:

  • climate change should not be politicised;
  • the developed world is failing to live up to its Paris commitments;
  • energy industries are guilty of sowing doubt – confusion is their game;
  • small islands in the Pacific are already in danger of destruction.

Mr Tong left us with the following reflections: that:

  • migration of some Pacific islander people is inevitable. However, it must be considered a migration of dignity (not another refugee crisis);
  • the process will be a test of our human nature and human values;
  • Islander people must be ‘up-skilled’ in preparation for relocation, so that they can contribute effectively to the needs of their new country;
  • already, we are all making life difficult for nature!

The next meeting of world leaders, COP#24, will take place in Poland in December 2018. How will our Australian government report back on its ongoing commitments since the COP#23 meeting in Bonn in 2017?