Celebrating with our Jubilarians

22 November 2018 | General Interest

Jubilarians acknowledged for their inspirational life lived out for fifty, sixty, seventy and seventy-five years in the Dominican tradition within our Australian society.

To each of our Jubilarians, Pat, Diana, Ann, June, Patricia and Maureen, we say thank you for all that you have contributed to the Catholic Church and the Dominican Congregation throughout your many years as part of our Congregation.





May Holy Wisdom - the breath of the power of God - 

Steadfast, sure and free;

God who makes all things new in every age - 

touch every fibre of your being

So that you come to know more deeply

How precious is the love of our God for you..

May the blessing of God who is Creator,

The blessing of Jesus, born of the woman Mary,

The blessing of the Holy Spirit who broods over us

as a mother hen over her children,

be with you now and forever.  Amen