National Day of Sorrow and Promise

2 December 2018 | General Interest

Catholic Religious Australia has asked all Congregations to hold a Liturgy of Sorrow and Promise so that all religious are in solidarity with each other and the wider community, with a promise for the future.

This is an opportunity to raise the strong, prophetic voice of the religious across Australia, together, in a powerful expression of sadness, humility, hope and promise, being together across the country all at the same time.

We Pray

Stirred by sorrow for all the failings of the past, while
holding the pain, we now move to a place of
resolution, committed to doing all we can to work for
the safety of those who have been abused, in
prevention and child safety.

Promise Statement
As Catholic Religious of Australia, we are stirred by sorrow for the failings of the past.
We encounter the depth of pain endured within our midst.

WE promise to listen to and support those who have been harmed by abuse

WE promise to act to prevent abuse, respond with compassion and justice and put the protection of children and the vulnerable at the heart of all our ministries

WE promise to support all those walking courageously with the abused and those working fearlessly for the prevention of abuse

WE promise to work tirelessly and humbly to build a culture in our Church which is loving and answerable to the wider community

WE promise to partner with those who have been abused, with governments, civil agencies and society at large to continue to learn and work towards a safer, more respectful and accountable Church

WE promise to be people of action, to embed prevention and safeguarding practices and governance reforms throughout our Church

WE promise to remember and to be forever changed

2 December 2018

We turn again to You Lord, and, with Your help, promise to commit to listening, believing, supporting and doing all we can to ensure the tragedies of the past never happen again.