Blessing of Gaomai Church

1 February 2019 | General Interest

An ancient Latin saying goes “quod aufertur non differtur” (what is postponed is not cancelled) Indeed the blessing of Gaomai Church was postponed because of the cyclone…but not cancelled. The good people did not give up and prepared again for the celebration for Friday January 12 with the participation of close up Villages.

The church committee has been working hard to rebuild the Church after the damage of the 2007 Tsunami. For the past 5 years the community has been working hard on and off but always with the strong desire to pursue the goal which they have finally successfully achieved

Building a church is always a tough job: Lots of fund raising in the moments stolen from the busy village life especially on a bech-de–mère fishing time and during the logging which somehow did not help the community to be united and committed to finish their church.


Now that we have the church, bishop Luciano Capelli said in his Homily, we have all it takes to become more united for the common goal to become a better community: give our children a better future by giving them a better education. The more united the community becomes in prayer, the more it must become committed to its mission on behalf of the education of the youth and the whole family. The church builds communion for action on behalf of God’s Kingdom, he said, a kingdom of peace, of justice of truth and of love.


May the Gaomai experience encourage the hearts of all other communities in need of a Church so they could also be united for a cause: to give priority to His Kingdom