Fra Angelico Award

31 July 2019 | General Interest


The Fra Angelico Award is the highest honour that the Dominican Institute for the Arts bestows on one of its members. Originally the Award was carved in alabaster by Phyllis Mrozinski OP. Eventually the DIA commissioned Phyllis to cast it in bronze and clearly depict the Dominican Friar and artist, Fra Angelico. This later version sits on a bronze base with a paintbrush worked into the design to hold the medallion in an upright position.

The Fra Angelico Award is presented every year to a DIA artist who exemplifies Fra Angelico’s dedication to furthering the Holy Preaching through art.



Criteria used for this designation:

  • the artist’s work is of the highest quality in his or her discipline
  • it is highly honoured in artistic circles
  • the artist exemplifies the ideals of the DIA

Extract from address by Pat Daly OPA

Dominican Institute of the Arts President

"This artist's gifts and talents have not only been exhibited in multiple galleries internationally, but they have also been shared with women whose lives have been affected by the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Women who had no hope whatever, now have self-esteem, are empowered to share their art with others and are able to support their familes. In an ocean of need, this artist has been a life raft of hope.

In one of his Gospels, Matthew tells us: 'The gift you have received, give as gift.' This years recipient has received multiple gifts and has wilingly gifted and shared them with the world.

It is with great pleasure that the Dominican Institute of the Arts presents the 2019 Fra Angelico Award to Dominican Sister of Eastern Australia and the Solomon Islands, Sheila Flynn".